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[Writer Mike] Johnson confirmed that there was a subtle hint in issue 1 from September and there will be more as the we get closer to the sequel. He says there is also some "thematic foreshadowing" in issue 4, due out tomorrow (see preview below). The writer noted that clues will "not be like the Da Vinci Code", but he also said that "when you see the movie you will be able to look back to the comics and say, ‘oh I see what they did there.’"

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I Got Art!!

Sooo, last year (has it been that long?!) I wrote a Star Trek XI fic called Separation.

Unbeknownst to me, old_fiat aka cinnamon-lady24 at DeviantArt, drew an accompanying picture for it!!!

Click to see in full:

I'm like... still kind of in flail mode and not properly expressing how much this MADE MY WEEK. As a writer one of the best things you can hope for is to create an image that somebody else remembers, so this is like... GUH. Amazing. Thank you!!


A brand new Sulu comm!!

The community for anything Hikaru Sulu. Be it fic or icon, het or slash, AOS or TOS... All Sulu-centric fanworks are welcome.

Get out of my head, Charles (Barkley)

Seriously, WHY can't I get this out of my head??

At least on TrekMovie.com, where surprise!Chulu pops up about 104 comments into a discussion about Kirk's potential romantic interest in the next movie. Some annoying pushback from ~defenders of default hetero canon~ ensues, but I was sort of tickled to see it come up at all.

If this was one of my fellow shippers: consider this post my salute to you, sir or madam!

Also, given my absolute rock-bottom expectations for dudebro-infested internet comment sections, I was sort of pleasantly surprised that one of the posters who said a gay Sulu or Chekov would be a violation of canon was like "but how about Pike? He could be gay, that's cool."
I saw this over on rubynye's journal and could not resist. It's...

The Star Trek Meme!

1. What is your favorite Star Trek movie? (not including STXI)?

First Contact. To me, apart from Reboot, it follows the old adage that a good movie has "three great scenes and no bad ones." Okay, so maybe some of the wacky!Cochrane stuff put some scenes on the verge of bad. But ANY scene with Alfre Woodard or Alice Krige is great. Even though it's been memed/parodied, the confrontation between Lily and Picard is so powerfully acted by both Woodard and Stewart that I can always rewatch it.

I also nerdily love the fact that First Contact repurposed Jerry Goldsmith's classic Klingon battle theme (from Star Trek: The Motion Picture!) as Worf's kicking-ass music. It's a great bit of music in and of itself, and I loved the callback. To me, that is how you show true respect for your canon.

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Fic Funtiems!

So, I signed up for (noncompetitive) Chekov/Sulu Bingo!

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Title: The White Dress
Pairing: Girl!Sulu/Girl!Chekov
Rating: PG-13
Content advisory: Genderswap (of the always-a-cisgirl variety), fluff severe enough to make a cotton candy machine weep
Type: Oneshot, complete
Words: ~3500
Summary: On the day she becomes Lieutenant Commander Sulu, Hikaru gets more than a promotion.
Author Notes: Posted partially because I am a highly superstitious person, and supposedly whatever you are doing on New Year's Day is what you will be doing for the rest of the year. Hopefully that means I will stop being a lazyass writer and finish/publish more things. A girl can dream, yes?? Feedback is gratefully appreciated.

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